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Senshost - IOT Platform

Visualise and control your data with our IOT platform.

Senshost is a multi-layer cloud based technology that enablesstraightforward provisioning, management, and automation ofconnected devices within the Internet of Things universe.

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How it Works

Visualise and Control your devices

Integrate with your own API:s

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We have a wide range of IOT communication modules and IOT enabled sensors, Our IOT based products are designed in a way to facilitate the communication between sensors and IOT platforms for monitoring, data gathering and automation purposes.

Capture all your IOT data on one platform

Senshost is a multi-layer cloud based technology that enables
straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of
connected devices within the Internet of Things universe.

Real-time analysis

Utilize the computing power for analytics and to extract meaningful information from the gathered data

Reduce Human Error

Reduce your dependency on manpower and reduce human error.

Gathered Data

We turn your data into valuable business insights to make actionable impact.

Data Cloud


Able to support the integration with almost any connected device and blend in with third-party applications and systems. SensHost IOT platform plays a pivotal role for our clients by equipping their products and assets with remote control and real-time monitoring functions, configurable alerts and notifications, pluggable cloud services.

Device management

We tracks the device throughout its lifecycle, from initial deployment and connection events to software updates and final decommissioning. You can create and assign custom handlers to automate the appropriate workflows.

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Collect your Data

We provides a user-friendly protocol for collecting data from connected devices. This protocol ensures reliable data transmission with response codes indicating the result of data processing by the platform. Once the platform receives the device data, it can be forwarded to multiple processing pipelines. If an error occurs during processing, the hard drive crashes or the processor is overloaded, the device is notified. As a result, the device always knows whether the transmitted data can be safely deleted or must be resent.

Data processing and analytics

We give you a lot of freedom in processing the collected data. The platform has data collection adapters that allow you to send data to various databases or data analysis systems. Thanks to our highly modular architecture, a new integration requires minimal effort to modify an existing adapter or create your own.






Connect your Solution with Senshost 

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