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Power Monitoring And Control Solution (PMCS)

Power monitoring solution can be installed to monitor power parameters of selected floors or selected areas.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Provide insights into the power behaviour and consumption during different conditions and time intervals.

Detect Abnormal Patterns

Detect when devices age, wear and tear sets in, the consumption of the power will rise hence indicating the need to maintain the device.

Remote Centralized

We use wirelessly controlled switches and miniature circuit breakers.

oil tanks

Building Power Monitoring

Implementable for both mobile as well as fuel and diesel tanks for monitoring purposes to know and monitor the real-time fuel stock level inside tanks remotely. 

Key Benefits:

  • Early Pump Breakdowns Detection

  • Leakage Detection

Equipment Power Monitoring

Provides real-time insights into available water inside tanks hence eliminating excessive low levels as well as overflow of liquid from water tanks. 

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate Liquid Supply Disruption Detection

  • Immediate Water Contamination Detection

  • Elimination Of Draught And Overflow

Water Tanks
Metal Pipe Network

Power Control

Our IoT solution, provides real-time insights into water stock and ensures motors never run without water. If the water level goes below the defined limits, the operators will be notified, and the motors will be switched off automatically.

Key Benefits:

  • Detect Excessive Or Weak Liquid Pressure

  • Reduction Of Man Power





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