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Indoor And Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution (ATS)

Geo-fencing is a virtual barrier that is created for a real-world geographical area.

Tracking and analysing

We deploy IOT-enablers to provide network coverage, outdoors or indoors when needed.

Real-Time Monitoring

We work with leading sensor manufacturers to ensure optimal the quality and price for your needs.


We turn your data into valuable business insights to make actionable impact.

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Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing is a virtual barrier that is created for a real-world geographical area. It provides location-based services, which provide instant alerts to the operators as soon as the asset enters or exits a pre-defined geographical area. 

Key Benefits:

  • Data Collection

  • Accurate Real-Time Data

Real-Time Location Monitoring

Users can monitor the location of asset in real-time by using our asset monitoring solution. It uses advanced sensor-based functionalities to provide quick and actionable insights for enhanced decision-making. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Fuel Costs

  • Hands-Free Mileage Logbook

  • Speed Monitoring

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Utilization Monitoring

Using smart concepts for asset monitoring, users can also monitor asset utilization and get full visibility about the asset. This allows managers to have a big picture view predict and avoid possible bottle necks, hence streamlining the business.

Mishandling Alerts

Our smart asset tags are also equipped with movement/shock detection sensor, which is used to detect sudden shocks to the asset. This feature enables the user to detect mishandling of the asset or unauthorised movement of the asset, it can also be used in asset utilization indications.

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