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We make your IOT solutions a reality

Professional IOT Solutions Under One Roof

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About us

Active Monitoring Solutions (AMS) company has been established in 2017 as a company specialized in innovative engineering & IT solutions.


Asset Tracking and Management

Utilizing IOT Solutions and remote monitoring technology in managing and maintain hospital equipment's and facilities can be extremely beneficial. Real-time monitoring will speed up decision making and reaction time to any potentially problematic situation.

Power Monitoring And Control

Our power monitoring solution can be installed to monitor power parameters of selected floors or selected areas. The solution will provide insight into the power behaviour and consumption during different conditions and time intervals. 

Liquid Monitoring And Control

Provides real-time insights into available water inside tanks hence eliminating excessive low levels as well as overflow of liquid from tanks. The solution also allows users to set and control their optimum liquid level for best performance.

With our environment monitoring solution, it is possible to accurately monitor the temperature and humidity data in a particular space such as offices, rooms, museums, and laboratories. The solution also allows the user to set temperature and humidity thresholds to alert the system operators.

Transportation & Logistics





Senshost - IOT Platform

Visualize your data with Senshost

With our state of art platform, you will never have to make uninformed decisions or relay on inaccurate out of date information.

Let Senshost maximize your business potential.

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Automation and remote control

Data analysis

Smart Metering



  • What solutions do you provide?
    We provide solutions and services for the whole chain of IOT through designing and implementing our own hardware as well as our own IOT platform.
  • Do we need our own IOT platform?
    No. We have our own software to mange and oversea all the IOT devices! Sensehost IOT platform is the heart and brain that makes monitoring and controlling our devices possible.
  • Do you create the Sensor solutions?
    Yes! When it comes to sensors, it's very important to choose the right one for the job. Our engineers will help you pick the most suitable one
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